Birds Eye Of The Beholder

Stuart Pritchard November 6, 2017

Birds Eye is disrupting the frozen fish sector with a new identity and packaging for its premium Inspirations range created by Brandon. Brandon’s design uses mouth-watering images of food on the front of pack, inspired by the editorial style of food photography currently seen in food and lifestyle publications. Brandon’s work moves away from the rest of the frozen fish category, strengthens the brand and creates an iconic logotype icon reminiscent of restaurant signage to communicate the premium quality of the product.

Steve Conchie, Creative Director, Brandon, said: “Packaging design within the premium frozen fish category was all beginning to look like wallpaper, with every brand opting for full-on black packaging to create a premium feel. As a result, no one brand was standing out. The bright editorial style food photography taken from the fresh ready meals sector gives Inspirations cut through.”

The new identity and packaging design is being rolled out now.