Curtis Packaging Encourage Excellence

Stuart Pritchard March 29, 2018

Curtis Packaging’s Centre of Excellence seeks out the stars of tomorrow

Curtis Packaging are one of the UK’s leading companies designing and producing high quality printed folding cartons, specialising in the retail, beauty and luxury markets.

Strong advocates for investing in the future, in September 2017 Curtis launched their Centre of Excellence, embarking on a search for the next graphic designer that the luxury brands fight over or the constructional designer that blows away the team with their amazing vision. With two bursaries available, one focusing on graphics and the other constructional design, they pitched to universities and colleges to support them on this quest.

The construction bursary was to create a high-quality pack to be used within the beauty or luxury food sector, which would consider presentation of the products and safe transit to store, whilst the graphics brief was to look at how customers interact with packaging, the look, touch and feel and to create a real wow-factor giving impactful shelf presence. This was to be reflected with their design.

The first year saw a huge response, shortlisted and reviewed by a panel of judges from The Bodyshop, Foilco, 3D Creative and Billerudkorsnas.

On the March 16th, Karin Chan was announced as the winner of the construction bursary and Michael Morton the graphics bursary. They visited Curtis Packaging in Redhill, Surrey along with their tutors to meet the panel of judges.

The winners were presented with their cheques and their designs were brought to life by Curtis’ award-winning creative studio.

If you would like to be part of the Centre of Excellence in 2018/2019 as one of Curtis’ judges, email