The Difference Is Klear

Bonnie Howard March 11, 2014

Announcing a new brand identity for the pioneers of clear plastic packaging, C M Yeung, Managing Director of The Hip Lik Group, talks HLPKlearfold UK…

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The advantages of HLPKlearfold UK are crystal clear…

The quality of the clear plastic boxes from HLPKlearfold has never been in doubt, and the benefits of allowing the customer to see the product inside said box and boost their confidence in the product is more important than ever; especially with overcrowded shelves and hundreds of brands competing against each other for every sale.

For 2014, we at HLPKlearfold UK have re-launched our brand so that we can better communicate with UK business our unique position as a local-arm of the world’s largest and most experienced clear plastic packaging manufacturer.


Perfect packaging for any product.

Despite HLP being a global business, it is important to build on the heritage of the UK business and the benefits we can offer, benefits which are often lost within large multinationals. To that end, the UK team provides a local level of service that seeks to build similarly local relationships and instil the confidence required to develop world class packaging solutions for all UK products and brands.

Whilst HLP has been positioned as the ‘worldwide local packaging manufacturer’, we are a business that takes pride in understanding the subtleties of cultural differences. The customers we spoke to believed strongly that the vast reserves of skills, knowledge and experience within the global workforce of their companies represented an invaluable asset. So what makes HLP special is how well we have transferred the lessons learned in one emerging market to another.

Global, Locally
There can be few UK businesses that can boast having the backing of a packaging global powerhouse like HLPKlearfold, with its renowned reputation for technical excellence, research and development, unrivalled manufacturing processes, logistics and experience. This coupled with local levels of service is a powerful combination.

giftware 1 (1)With this strength behind it, the UK team base its business on supporting UK companies working on packaging development, assisting them in setting up production in China, and following up with aftersales support. This level of support is vital, and it’s no coincidence that HLP UK has a loyal customer base which values the level of service they receive and view our working relationship as being a true partnership.

Another important principle we pride ourselves on is our honesty – if clear plastic packaging isn’t the right solution for a product, the UK team won’t try and convince you that it is! When clear plastic packaging is right, however, our team will use all their passion, skill and experience to develop world class packaging that will maximise the sales potential of a product and give it every chance possible to be a massive success.

Boxing Clever
Being part of the global HLP family, HLP UK has quite the reputation to uphold. As experts in the packaging arena HLP UK exude professionalism. It’s the professionalism combined with the level support and honesty that makes HLP UK a unique and special business to work with.

Which is all well and good, but if the end product itself does not make the grade, the whole process is pointless. Thankfully for HLP then, the quality of the end product is never anything short of outstanding. HLPKlearfold’s clear plastic boxes are superior to normal plastic boxes because of certain features, including strong wearability, anti-static performance and few water ripples and crystal grains. Oh, and two other features that are of the utmost importance: high impact strength and high transparency.

So, want to learn more? Then start your journey towards clear plastic packaging today and experience working with a truly unique company.

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