From Shrink To Stretch

Stuart Pritchard November 6, 2017

A consortium of organisations led by retail-ready secondary packaging company TrakRap has been awarded a grant by Innovate UK to develop a prototype that could change the way aerosols are packaged and improve industry safety.

The consortium plans to use the grant to build a prototype stretch wrapping packaging machine specifically for use in the aerosol industry, to replace the shrink wrapping systems which are currently used.

The proposed prototype eliminates the need for high temperatures by using a 100% recyclable polymer stretch film. Its innovative technology will also reduce energy requirements by over 90% and reduce the use of plastics by over 60% compared to current shrink wrapping technologies, offering additional financial and environmental benefits to users.

DHL will provide the production line on which the finished prototype machine will run for several months under manufacturing conditions, while MTC will model the prototype machine in a virtual factory, allowing the design to be tested and amended before physical production occurs.