James Croppers’ Scent Of Success

Stuart Pritchard April 23, 2018

Business Director at James Cropper 3D Products, Matthew Miller, looks at recent project with new fragrance brand Floral Street…

COLOURFORM from James Cropper 3D is made from 100% renewable wood fibre

When we at James Cropper 3D Products teamed up with Floral Street to produce a striking and sustainable solution, we were acutely aware that we would be working in a sector notorious for packaging overuse. Floral Street approached us looking for an alternative to the typical lavish over-packaging used by existing brands, opting instead for elegance that is environmentally friendly. The result is a box made entirely from James Cropper 3D Products’ COLOURFORM™ packaging, which is made from 100% renewable natural wood fibres from well-managed forests and high-quality content from James Cropper’s own world-class recycling plant. The packaging is fully recyclable with household paper and is also naturally biodegradable, leaving no trace even if it does end up in landfill – a first in the world of fragrance.


The Floral Street project as focused firmly on avoiding packaging overuse

Michelle Feeney, founder of Floral Street, said: “We really wanted to change the way perfume is presented with Floral Street and do it in a way that had a reduced effect on the planet – that means no cello-wrap, no rigid carton and no plastic inserts. We worked with our design agency – Michael Nash Associates – and James Cropper 3D Products in a team approach to produce a complete packaging solution which included a lid, a base and interchangeable inserts for the various bottle sizes, which mirrored our beautiful yet industrial aesthetic. It was also essential for it to be fully recyclable and to be made using sustainable production methods.”

From design to manufacture, Floral Street was able to draw upon James Cropper’s 170-years’ experience of world-leading innovation and expertise in coloured paper and fibre products. Created to exact requirements, vision and taste, COLOURFORM™ can match any colour with guaranteed consistency and a quality, tactile finish.

Like Floral Street, here at James Cropper 3D Products, we’re all about challenging the status quo, so we were really excited to put our expertise to use and provide them with a packaging solution perfect for them. Our team worked closely with Floral Street to capture their vision and really understand the brand, before we set to work overcoming the technical challenges this presented. We’re delighted with the result – it’s a great demonstration of style and sustainability in perfect harmony.


For a long time, the fragrance industry has been guilty of using elaborate plastic packaging with various components, making it difficult for consumers to recycle. With Floral Street, customers can carry their favourite fragrance home in a sustainable box, knowing that their impact on the environment has been minimal. They can then easily recycle the box as they would any other paper waste, or reuse it in any way they wish. This plastic-free packaging is helping consumers and brands express themselves in a way that has been challenging until now.