Keeping It Simple – An ‘Edited’ Life

Leanne Donovan June 27, 2017

With all the ‘noise’ in our lives today, it is refreshing to see that some brands choose the path less travelled. Instead of having multiple solutions to your personal care regime: what if there was just one?

This philosophy is put forward through the new range of “Meant” personal care products. With a range of shower and bath products described simply as the “Do-All Wash”, “Do-All Conditioner” and “The Wonder Polish” all of a sudden the clutter that surrounds our lives melts away to focus on what really matters – a straightforward, honest and natural product. Even the packaging, produced with Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastics, ticks the environmental concern box.

Born out of a desire to provide a product that is ‘Back to Basics’ for those who may be seeking solace from a life that is all too often overwhelming, Lindsay Knaak- Stuart, the founder of the company sought to provide a single but high quality solution to personal care needs. This is just the first in a range of household products planned with household cleaners and children’s products already in the pipeline – all with the same philosophy – one product to suit all needs.

Packaging was provided by RPC M&H Plastics in Winchester, VA. Lindsay was looking for a clean, simple design and package that was equally acceptable to both men and women. This needed to reflect the purity of the ingredients and yet position the product at aspiring, quality-seeking customers with elegant touches through the metallised closures, design and typography. The range is currently available online and soon to be in selected retailers.


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