Major Healthcare Manufacturer Moves to Induction Sealed Packaging

Leanne Donovan October 26, 2017

Extended shelf life, increased consumer confidence and tamper evidence are among the benefits that a major healthcare manufacturer has gained since moving to induction cap sealing with Enercon Industries.

Lifeplan, a leading UK supplier of vitamins and mineral supplements, began induction sealing its products after deciding to stop using tamper evident push-on lids.

Rod Bray, Operations Manager at Lifeplan, said: “After changing to screw cap lids with induction seals, we have found we have much better product stability as the product is hermetically sealed in our containers.

“This is particularly true on our more sensitive products and in some cases this has allowed us to increase their shelf life.”

As well as an extended shelf life, the company has also seen an increase in customer satisfaction.

“Customer feedback has shown preference for an induction seal with a screw cap lid, as consumers find them much easier to open on first use,” explained Mr Bray.

“We use seals that have ‘sealed for your protection’ printed on them, which increases consumer confidence in the product,” he added.

Lifeplan produces over 280 products which are exported to more than 40 countries worldwide. In a single production shift, the company will induction seal around 10,000 containers using Enercon’s Super Seal 75 induction cap sealers.

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