Protega Global’s Hexcel Wrap – Now In White

Stuart Pritchard August 30, 2018

Protega Global’s Hexcel Wrap is now available in white as well as brown

Protega Global has responded to customer demand by developing a white version of their original kraft brown Hexcel Wrap. This new white version adds a touch of gift-able luxury to products wrapped in this interlocking material and has become an instant hit with forward thinking companies looking for sustainable packaging alternatives, especially to plastic products such as Bubble Wrap and Air Cushioning.

The easy to tear material requires no cutting device and doesn’t require the use of tape which represents cost reductions and increased packing speeds. When combined with the small compact dispenser Hexcel seamlessly integrates with packing benches and has an adjustable roll tension control which allows operatives to apply the correct tension to suit the product being wrapped.

Protega Global has recently achieved success with a new wave of customers preparing for the challenge of peak times such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These customers have identified that sales increases can be achieved by aligning with their consumers Values. Using responsible packaging such as Hexcel Wrap helps build brand loyalty and reduces reputational risk. Visit today to request a sample today.