Selig Offer Packaging Answers For The Elderly

Stuart Pritchard March 14, 2018

Selig, the global leader in sealing solutions, has published an in-depth white paper explaining how to satisfy the packaging needs of an ageing population.

Population ageing is here to stay, and will have profound implications for many facets of human life. The percentage of Europeans aged 65 and over projected to rise from 16 per cent in 2010 to 29.3 per cent by 2060, a seismic demographic transition likely to be one of the biggest challenges faced by Europe in the coming years.

Indeed, the impact is expected to be felt by governments, societies, national economies and businesses as Europe struggles to adapt to its transforming structure. Every industry – including packaging – is likely to experience profound consequences. Selig’s whitepaper – ‘Packaging and the needs of an ageing global population’ – explores how to maintain the delicate balance between the need to create tamper-evident packaging and to make the packaging easy for the elderly to open.

Many containers have to be secure and hermetically sealed to safeguard the integrity of their contents, yet this objective can’t be allowed to compromise the practicality of the packaging and make it difficult to open for older consumers who lack strength or suffer from dexterity or mobility impairments. This issue has huge financial implications because difficult-to-open packaging can affect purchasing decisions for many products and could, ultimately, cost businesses dearly in lost customer goodwill and revenue.

In the whitepaper, Selig offers a variety of solutions to the problem including tamper-evident, peelable seal technology with induction cap sealing. This uses a multi-layer laminated liner with an aluminium foil that is bonded to the container rim by means of electromagnetic induction heating. Induction liners are highly-engineered laminated structures comprising a heat seal layer, chosen to match the material of the underlying container, and a layer of aluminium foil heated by electromagnetic induction before bonding.

The whitepaper is available to download at ‘Packaging and the needs of an ageing global population’.