Smart Solutions From Friedhiem

Stuart Pritchard July 6, 2017




Exploring their myriad of perfect packaging machines, we hear from Martin Howells, National Sales Manager – Packaging Division, Friedheim International…

Whether new to wrapping or upgrading, machines come in all shapes and sizes to cater for a myriad of packaging applications. As a result, the choice can be bewildering unless you know what you are looking for, prior to making that all-important purchasing decision. Friedheim International can help in this respect in finding the perfect solution: we are UK & Ireland agents for a number of leading manufacturers that are capable of providing off-the-shelf or custom-designed equipment to suit your specific requirements.

Friedheim-supplied equipment covers numerous industry sectors, including Print & Paper, Mail Order & e-Commerce, Technical Products, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Textiles/Laundry, Food & Beverage, Automotive, DIY, and more besides!


Many and varied are the machines Friedhiem offer from manufacturers for all manner of needs. For example:


  • Beck Packautomaten is a specialist when it comes to all types of wrapping. The company incorporates the latest technology into its extensive range of fully and semi-automatic machines that cover film, shrink, sleeve, three- and four-sided shoulder variations, plus custom designs.

Beck Serienpacker SXJ svs automatic bagger with integrated camera and labeller

  • The Serienpacker SXJ series is a highly flexible and productive series of models ideal for a variety of packaging applications in retail, transport and promotional packaging in width ranges from 70-1000mm. The most recent addition to the series is the svs. Standalone in operation and compact in size, it is said to be particularly beneficial when packaging single products, and is regarded as the perfect entry-level solution for the e-commerce market.
  • The Sammelpacker is a mobile shrink sleeve machine that is ideal for handling all kinds of individual and collated packs. Its flexibility is such that the machine is capable of wrapping either single magazines or collated packs at random.
  • Next, the Multiplex Pico is a compact, versatile, fully automatic film packaging machine for three-sided product sealing and standard applications. With its short set-up times and maximum operator convenience, it is the ideal machine for jobs requiring frequent product changes.
  • The Multiplex MPX series, whether manual or automatically fed, are form, fill and seal machines that offer great versatility and come available in different working widths and for different performance requirements.


  • Fitpacker is a form shoulder machine particularly suitable for voluminous and odd-shaped products and capable of handling

    chib Packaging CO 50 BB automatic flow wrapping machine

    product widths from 100-400/500mm and height up to 300mm. The Fitpacker can be fed automatically or by hand.

  • Variant and Beck Allroundpacker – these two models are designed specifically where high-capacity film sleeve wrapping is required.
  • Shrink tunnels (Thermoschrumpfer) – compact, high capacity units available in a variety of sizes that can be attached to Beck wrapping machines. The inclusion of exact hot air control and a special air conduction system ensures outstanding and consistent shrinking results.
  • Schib Packaging for horizontal flow wrapping. The one constant with all Schib equipment is unparalleled technology, flexibility and performance. Its equipment is suitable for applications in the non-food and technical sectors, in food and confectionery production, as well as offering wrapping solutions for wet wipes, personal care and household items. The extensive Schib range has different sized models capable of handling a wide variety of products and formats in semi- and fully automatic production processes.


  • Audion Elektro – Automotive and industrial components, medical/pharmaceutical, DIY and printed literature are just some of the market sectors covered by Audion equipment. With automatic and semi-automatic stand-alone and system formats available, all

    Audion Elektro CS Matic wrapping machine + TE-Matic 18L shrink tunnel

    machine functions can easily be performed by a single operator.

  • CS Matic – an automatic shrink sealer with a continuous side sealer and a longitudinal intermittent sealing system has a number of distinct advantages for the user including an unlimited length of product that can be packed, a significant increase in production capacity, and less film waste, thereby resulting in lower costs.
  • EL-Matic & TE-Matic – the EL-Matic can be linked with any of Audion’s range of modular TE-Matic shrink tunnels to create a highly versatile combination that can be used to package a wide range of products at speeds of up to 30 packs per minute at a relatively low capital cost.
  • Audionpack seal/shrink combinations – H20, H25, H22SA – these seal/shrink combinations are ideal for moderate production quantities (maximum 200-500 packs per hour). The machines operate with a shrink hood instead of a tunnel. The hood is closed by an electronic hold-down magnet during the film sealing and heat-shrink wrapping operations.
  • Buhrs – Poly & Paper wrapping systems are renowned for their high-quality, easy operation, service and maintenance, these systems have the ability to use different packaging materials, thereby providing numerous presentation options for magazines, newspapers and other printed media. The Buhrs range is extensive, with different sized models capable of offering solutions to all types of users, from entry level to sophisticated, and from short-run to high volume production lines.


If you would like to find out more about how Friedheim can benefit your film/shrink wrapping in the widest possible sense, contact 01442 206 100, or visit the website.