Sweet Business For Curtis Packaging & The Marshmallowist

Stuart Pritchard June 25, 2018

Curtis Packaging faced a unique challenge, came, saw and conquered

The ‘Marshmallowist’ Oonagh Simms started her brand of unique marshmallows on a Portobello Road market stall. Her marshmallows feature unique flavour combinations, so, when looking for packaging she looked for a company who had a flair for attention to detail like herself, making Curtis the perfect match.

As the product is unique, organic and luxurious, it seemed obvious to have sustainable luxurious packaging to complement her marshmallows. So, began a collaboration between a very talented designer, Veronica Lethorn, and Curtis to transform the brands image.

Veronica had a very clear but challenging design which pushed the skills of the printing and finishing teams. The linear design with tiny reversed out foil panels, registering tightly to the print, would be a challenge on most materials. Adding to the mix foiling on top of solid PMS colours printed onto uncoated stock and the quality bar was raised even higher.

Printed using six different PMS colours and one fluorescent PMS onto GF Smith Naturalis Smooth and foil blocked using Kurz 233 gold made the packaging an immediate hit, helping The Marshmallowist secure their first listing with John Lewis.

With each pack reflects a different colour matched to the flavours of the marshmallows, the packaging was designed to have a real vibrancy and shelf appeal to interact with the consumer, and the impact of the cartons has been phenomenal, gaining worldwide acclaim and featured in many well-known magazines and newspapers.