The Sky’s The Limit

Stuart Pritchard June 6, 2017



Need to spruce up your image with fresh new packaging that sells the product for you? C. M. YEUNG, MD of HLP LIK, has all you need in one place…

Spring is upon us and all around nature is renewing and coming to life, maybe now would be a good time to refresh your packaging and explore what changes could enhance your products and sales. With the ever-growing global pressure to be ecologically conscious it’s even

HLP make perfect packaging child’s play

more important that we all look carefully at what impact our packaging is having on landfill and waste. Some might say packaging is a necessary evil, but our customers demand high-quality functional fit for purpose packaging that protects and enhances the product.

The sky is the limit so far as design and uniqueness is concerned, it is often good clever packaging that catches the consumers mind so concentrating on packaging is a good strategy when looking at improving presentation. HLP has dedicated resources and the addition in 2016 of a highly qualified designer based in the UK has proven to be an excellent investment. Our sales team are just waiting for your brief to mobilise this offering. Working closely with yourselves we can either follow an exact brief or bring his creative influence to the project. This is all backed up with a very experienced team both here in the UK and China.


We have been supplying high-quality clear packaging for over 30-years with good global coverage. HLP have consistently invested back in to

Fresh your look with some expert assistance

the business to ensure we have the most efficient up-to-date machinery and production facilities. It is very important with clear packaging that we have a clean dust free environment as any dust on the packaging would detract from the crystal clear look, our state of the art facilities ensure this environment is achieved.

It matters not what products you produce, as our packaging spans all sectors, and so does HLP’s expertise in providing the right solution. With a wide range of substrates and material weights our team will carefully guide you through the process. Once we have the construction developed we can then concentrate on the graphics; our machinery can print up to 13 colours in one pass so, there are no limitations on design. In addition, we can offer many other options including embossing, foil printing, fluorescent and UV inks. So your packaging can be as stand-out or assubtle as your requirements.


HLP offer all the above and so much more, and have streamlined the process for efficient and rapid response, we can quote in 24-hours, produce a CAD sample in three-days, and even deliver a production sample in five- to seven-days, as we recognise that’s what our customers demand.

Sample packs are also available, so please call 01684 273 905 for those. Our website will give you a good overview of our offerings. For further information or to arrange a no obligation visit by one of our experienced UK Sales managers please call on the number below.

T: +44(0)1684 273 905