Achieve Spirit Packaging Perfection

Stuart Pritchard July 11, 2019

Charlotte Taylor, Marketing Manager at Beatson Clark, talks about the craft of packaging craft spirits…

Having manufactured glass bottles and jars for food, drinks and pharmaceuticals for almost 270 years, Beatson Clark is now working more and more closely with spirits brands.

After decades of domination by the big distilleries, the spirits sector is currently going through a craft revolution. As consumers increasingly look to pay more for premium craft products, a new generation of small-batch, artisan spirits brands are taking their place on supermarket shelves and behind bars up and down the country.

As a flexible glass manufacturer offering a bespoke design service and low-volume production runs, Beatson Clark is well placed to work with these smaller brands.

When it comes to glass spirit bottles, a product stands or falls by the quality of the design. With centuries of experience in glass container design, Beatson Clark still leads the way when it comes to quality, flexibility and innovation. We offer a complete service for your bespoke glass spirit bottle, from initial concept to manufacture and decoration. We pride ourselves on our flexible approach and we feel at home working with niche products as well as with big brands worldwide.


Beatson Clark has recently created or supplied spirit bottles to brands including Cornish spiced rum Dead Man’s Fingers

When it comes to bespoke designs Beatson Clark’s award-winning in-house team adopts a design agency approach, working closely with customers through the entire new product development process and showing the initial concept as a 360° visual representation. The team can either work from an existing bottle design or create concept visualisations for customers to choose from. The minimum order for unique spirit bottles is as low as 300,000 units and they can be manufactured in either clear or amber glass.

Beatson Clark’s designers have many decorative techniques available to them to make sure your spirit bottle stands out on the shelf; defining a brand through packaging is key to standing apart from the competition. Our design team specialises in sculpted embossing using the latest advanced software even the most complex embossed designs are defined with a high-quality finish. Our fully bespoke spirit bottles are available from 300,000 units, but if you’re looking for a smaller volume you can still emboss your name, logo, or company slogan on one of the standard glass bottles from our Apothecary range. The cost is less than half of that for a fully bespoke design, but the finish is still unique.


Irish Meadow embossing

Beatson Clark’s Apothecary range is a standard range of bottles which were originally designed for pharmaceutical use. When repurposed for spirits brands they lend a high-quality, vintage feel to a brand – and they’re proving extremely popular with customers.

Other decorative techniques that can give a distinctive appearance to your bottle include spray coating in a variety of colours, printing designs onto the glass surface, pressure sensitive labelling and shrink sleeving.

Beatson Clark has recently created or supplied spirit bottles to brands including Cornish spiced rum Dead Man’s Fingers, BrewDog’s Lone Wolf gin and cream liqueur Irish Meadow.