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Stuart Pritchard October 11, 2017




SEB BURCHELL from website creation and digital marketing experts Visualsoft, educates us on the art and importance of packaging in the e-commerce sector…

We think you’ll agree that if you’ve spent money on a high-quality item, you wouldn’t expect it to arrive in a brown paper bag. Packaging is a crucial yet overlooked area of e-commerce marketing, with much of the focus being put upon sales and advertising. But once a purchase

It pays, as it has done for Luxury-Legs, to go that bit further to build brand loyalty

has been made from your website, how do you convince them to shout about your business and return for more? It’s all in the packaging.

First, let’s take a look at how packaging works on a wider scale than solely e-commerce. One of our favourite examples of packaging is the festival Coachella. Each year, Coachella send out tickets to their festival goers in a small and fun-packed welcome box. This box contains all the tools that the customer needs to get into and prepare themselves for the festival, from the wristband they’ll need to gain entry, to unique Coachella badges, and of course a complete guide to attending the festival. Coachella importantly focus on how they make their customers feel. They have the luxury of doing this because their customers have already bought into the experience by ordering their ticket. Subsequently, Coachella’s job is to make them feel part of their family and get them excited for the festival.

For Coachella 2016 and 2017, they even invested in extending that experience by creating a VR element that can be used by interacting with their welcome box. Customers who viewed the box through the Coachella app were treated to an exclusive VR experience they could revisit as many times as they like.


What can we learn from Coachella’s packaging? By creating this detailed and interactive welcome box, Coachella are letting the customer know that even though they’ve already spent their money with Coachella, they are still worth the extra effort. If Coachella go the extra mile for their customers, their customers will go the extra mile for them in terms of brand loyalty and free publicity via social channels.

You can have the most attractive and expensive packaging in the world, but if the packaging isn’t aligned to your brand it won’t have any impact upon the customer journey. Your packaging should always be reflective of your brand and feature your logo.

“We provide our e-commerce customers with a free hard case and presentation box for all orders placed over the value of £30,” says Russell Godfrey of BLOC Eyewear. “This packaging is an attractive branded self-folding box that displays company contact details, such as email address, contact telephone number and highlights our social media channels for company feedback.”


So, does the packaging have to feature more than just the company logo? Not always. Sometimes simple and minimalist designs are most effective, as they can create a sense of exclusivity for the customer. Take the Joshua James packaging for example; the clean design

The clean design of Joshua James’ packing reflects the jewellery inside perfectly

perfectly reflects the luxury jewellery to be found within.

However, if you are looking to do more than simply feature the logo, utilising features such as an engraving service to emboss boxes and tissue paper can also be a fantastic way to add an extra touch that reinforces brand loyalty without taking away from the luxury appearance.

“We use recyclable boxes with Jules B branding as well as branded Jules B tissue paper,” says Emma Burke from Jules B. “It’s really important that each package is sent out to the customer in a luxurious way that will be exciting to open when they receive it. The web dispatch team put a lot of effort into the way each item is carefully wrapped in branded tissue and fastened with branded stickers.”

Customers who receive attractive looking packaging from a brand are much more likely to share their purchase on social media which means you get invaluable free publicity as well as loyalty from that customer.


But it’s not at all about the box, as exemplified by Coachella, your packaging can be so much more than just the container. While most

BLOC Eyewear go for logo and much more on their luxurious packaging

companies won’t have the time or budget to create a VR interactive element, little extras can go a long way to impressing your customers.

For example, hosiery and legwear brand Luxury-Legs present each of their items individually wrapped in an organza bag, and with a complimentary gift. The proof of their packaging success lies in their customer feedback, with most reviews mentioning the presentation and free gift in particular.

Your packaging doesn’t have to be the most complicated thing in the world, but it’s an essential part of your ecommerce business. Get the right packaging, and your customers will be more inclined to stay loyal to your brand and encourage their friends and family to buy from you too.