AstroNova Showcases New Digital Color Desktop Printer for Small-to-Medium-Sized Label Series in September 2018

Diana Szpytma July 24, 2018

The introduction of this powerful digital color desktop printer, the QuickLabel Kiaro! QL120 High-Quality Label Printer, marks the company’s expansion into the area of product identification. The Kiaro! QL120 is built on the world’s leading color label printer, the Kiaro!. The versatile QL120 surpasses the Kiaro! with a faster print speed, new features, and ease of use.

Its fast printing speed of up to 300 mm/s makes the QL120 the fastest desktop color label printer in the QuickLabel series by AstroNova Product Identification. Its outstanding 1200 dpi resolution ensures that even the smallest font sizes and images are printed sharply. The printer’s water-based ink and its extraordinary color range allow printing on a wide variety of materials. Even with water-based ink, QuickLabel’s QL120 offers greater durability as well as resistance to water, oil, and solvents. Thanks to its resistance to various fluids, the QL120 is ideal for the food, chemical, cosmetic and E-liquid industries.

Its electric cutting feature for post-printing label-web cutting and its ability to print individual labels with zero label loss, make the QL120 an economical and intelligent color desktop printer for high-quality labels. The QL-120’s simple integration into label dispensing systems and networks and its automatic periodic cleaning feature, which requires no separation of the label web, delivers smart label printing and integration into automated production.

AstroNova Product Identification will be showcasing the Kiaro! QL-120 digital color desktop label printer for the first time at this year’s Packaging & Innovation and Luxury Packaging 2018 (booth G36) in London and at the PPMA Show 2018 (E03) in Birmingham.