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Stuart Pritchard November 19, 2018

Freshen up your image and ensure your product stands out on the shelf. C. M. YEUNG, MD of HLP LIK, has all you need in one place…

Many companies struggle to make their margin and at the same time retain funds to invest for the future. To keep their product in the number one position, under never-ending pressure from competitors as well as the increased buying power of the customer, they rely on appearance to make their product stand out from the crowd. This is where HLP Klearfold can help.

With almost 50-years’ experience and constantly updated machinery, HLP Klearfold can be relied upon to ensure your packaging is the best on the shelf.

See the difference

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HLP Klearfold is the recognised global leader in the transparent packaging field which focuses strongly on sustainability. In addition to our certifications, ISO, BRC and many award-winning performances, HLP Klearfold has also invested and strived to increase the use of recycled material in the production process. HLP Klearfold offers 100% recyclable plastic material, APET, RPET and PP, all of which can easily be recycled at home by the consumer. The keyword is differentiation. With the help of HLP Klearfold’s transparent packaging extra attention can be achieved from your consumer, making your product the favoured one above all others at the POS.

Our clear plastic boxes are superior to alternatives due to certain unique features. The materials we use exhibit fewer water ripples or grains of poorly mixed crystal. All have strong durability with high impact strength and exceptional antistatic performance. When matched with an anti-scratch varnish prefect presentation is guaranteed.

Gift set packaging

PET plastic is easy to recycle with 79% of all local authorities in the UK now offering collection

HLP Klearfold has the skills and technology to design gift packaging for a wide range of products, whatever the shape or size. Gift packaging is an excellent way to package seasonal or promotional products. Gift packaging should include differences to the original packaging of the brand, this ensures that it stands out and catches the eye of the consumers. Altering the shape of your clear packaging and adjusting the graphics achieve this and make the offer unique. Our design team is ready to speak with your team and designers to ensure all options are considered. Together we ensure the specification matches your desires and stretches our abilities, to optimise the presentation and deliver value for money.

HLP Klearfold has a graphic and construction design department to help you come up with new packaging shapes and designs that are perfect for gift packaging. Our advanced 13-colour printing machine enables us to print all artwork in one pass. This machine makes it possible for us to print on both sides of the material too, creating an eye-catching 3D effect to make your plastic packaging really stand out against the competition and thereby increase sales.

One  for all

HLP’s certificates were recently successfully upgraded from a Grade B to a Grade A BRC accreditation

As the biggest and most experienced transparent packaging producer in the world, HLP Klearfold has many extras to offer: We make our own material, print using the litho, flexo and silkscreen processes and can add foil-blocking, creasing, HF-creasing, gluing, assembly, thermoforming, tube making and toolmaking. All this under the same roof. As a packaging company that is BRC and ISO certified, producing it’s our own material, we are able to recycle all process and post-consumer waste thus matching our environmental policy. HLP Klearfold is a packaging partner that thinks the way you do!

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