Biscuiteers In Letterbox Breakthrough

Stuart Pritchard August 17, 2018

Biscuits through your letterbox? It’s the future!

Biscuiteers, the award-winning online retailer of hand-iced biscuits, has responded to a shift in consumer gifting trends by overhauling one of their most popular collections – those which fit through the letterbox. 

Since 2007 Biscuiteers has been delivering their hand-iced tins and boxes of biscuits to loyal customers across the globe and they are a popular gifting item with 75% of sales in the last year alone sent directly to the recipient. In this time, Biscuiteers has seen an increasing demand for gifts which are convenient in their delivery format with sales up 38% compared to this time last year. For the recipient this means no redelivery cards and a surprise gift on the doormat.

This rise in the demand for letterbox sized items has led to a focus on bringing new letterbox size lines in (17 SKUS this year alone) and marking this more clearly online for customers to support the growing category. This and a clear trend in the search term ‘Letterbox Gifts’ on Google Trends (2018) has led to the decline in searches on Google for formerly competitive categories such as flower bouquets.

Harriet Hastings, founder of Biscuiteers said: “The way in which we are gifting is evolving as we lead ever-busier lives. Our customers are requesting more convenient gifting options and therefore our clearly signposted web channels make it easy to purchase a letterbox sized gift from the comfort of their sofa.”