Bringing Closure

Stuart Pritchard August 17, 2015



CHRIS SAUNDERS, MD of Roberts Metal Packaging explains why metal makes sense when it comes to ticking all the packaging boxes…

Skill, experience and understanding: three qualities that have made Roberts the award-winning metal packaging manufacturer we are today. UK Packaging Awards – Winner! Metal Pack of the Year 2014, Roberts was originally known as The Roberts Capsule Stopper Company Limited and was founded in 1887. After gaining a strong reputation as cork traders, Roberts then expanded into the manufacture of cork stoppers before adding pressed metal decorative tops to add value to the range. As the popularity of cork waned and gave way to pre-threaded metal caps in aluminium and tinplate, Roberts was ideally positioned to become market-leader, and swiftly became the first choice for manufacturers throughout the UK. In the following years Roberts continued to develop its range of closures and with more recent improvements in technology and manufacturing techniques, developed a vast and unique range of Aluminium Jars unmatched by any manufacturer worldwide. With overseas representation in many countries, over 50% of sales are now exported.


So why metal? Aluminium and tinplate packaging offer unique benefits – both metals look and feel superb, with a radiant sheen and smooth

Robert's SOFTLINE EXTREME range, plain and printed

Robert’s SOFTLINE EXTREME range, plain and printed

finish that will add a touch of class to any product. When it comes to branding, both metals offer high degrees of versatility. Aluminium is tactile, highly formable and does not rust so is ideal for toiletries, hair-care and similar uses, whilst tinplate is stronger and more functional for food, household and industrial uses. Both can be lacquered, colour-coated, embossed or de-bossed, and have outstanding decorative potential through litho-printing.

So what is the down side for metal packaging? …well there isn’t one! Metal is a permanently available resource, it doesn’t deplete over any timescale, it never loses its molecular properties and therefore it can be recycled and re-used indefinitely. In fact, metal scrap is not waste, it is a resource!


Embossing adds that little extra

Embossing adds that little extra

We call them jars – you call them what you like! Early offerings were slip-fit, click-fit and interrupted thread styles but Roberts recognised ten years ago that the benefits of continuously threaded jars opened up many new markets. With this in mind SOFTLINE was born, 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 75ml, 100ml capacities were designed with soft, flowing lines and lids with EPE liners. This range has what we like to call a ‘feminine’ feel to it.

Quick to follow was SOFTLINE EXTREME, 25ml, 50ml, 75ml. 120ml, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml capacities with harsher lines and a more ‘masculine’ feel. Both ranges are leak-proof and offer a premium alternative to glass or plastic. Both are offered in a clear lacquer finish as standard, but the customisation potential is almost limitless. Embossing or de-bossing the lids is a unique way to achieve a stunning, tactile, brand-specific finish, normally for no additional unit cost. Colour coating with or without white undercoat can provide an opaque or metallic finish and the use of gloss or matt varnishes can further enhance the overall look and dovetail the pack with other packaging formats in use for the brand. And then of course there is litho printing. This can be used alone, or with a combination of embossing and other finishes which can lead to a pack that simply leaps out at you from the retailer’s display. Minor structural changes can also be made – removing the knurl from the lid, for example, (or lid and base in the Softline Extreme range) can completely alter the look and feel of the pack.


SOFTLINE options offer almost infinite options

SOFTLINE options offer almost infinite options

Roberts’ metal packaging can be simple or complex, can be low-budget or of added-value. Whatever your needs our helpful and friendly team

are happy to help develop the perfect solution to make your pack look fantastic. Roberts Metal Packaging – perfecting the art of containment in London, England.