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Stuart Pritchard January 3, 2018




Susan Wilson, Commercial Director at James Cropper 3D Products, discusses the importance of standing-out sustainably…

Packaging is a true asset of a brand, it is a part of how a company communicates with its customers and presents an opportunity to connect with people, spark an emotional response and, most importantly, stand-out.

COLOURFORM’s bespoke approach appealed to Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Being distinctive is achieved through design, taking into account aesthetics, functionality, colour and size, which are absolutely fundamental to grabbing the attention of stockists and consumers and continuing to innovate within the packaging industry. However, with sustainability higher on the agenda than ever before, brands are growing increasingly concerned about the impact that their packaging can have on the world around us.

Along with ocean plastic pollution, packaging and non-biodegradable waste ending its life in landfill is one of the major environmental challenges of our time. The throwaway culture we live in has resulted in a sharp rise in both recyclable and non-recyclable packaging ending up in landfill, exacerbated by widespread consumer uncertainty about what items can be recycled. Mixed material packaging presents another issue, as the layers are complicated to separate before disposal – something the average time-poor consumer will more than likely fail to action.


Last year, the World Economic Forum warned us that by 2025, there will be a tonne of plastic per tonne of fish in our oceans – unless the world takes radical action to prevent rubbish making its way into our seas. As a result, decision makers are growing more and more conscious of the environmental impact of their brands’ products and seeking a solution to keep this at a minimum.

The landfill and single-use plastic crisis is a ticking time-bomb, but instead of bowing to pressure and simply aligning environmental targets to what is expected, brands should recognise the opportunity it presents to revolutionise packaging in a way that will not only get them noticed, but truly stand-out – for all the right reasons.

At James Cropper 3D Products, we’re committed to working alongside brands to help them lead the way in standing-out sustainably. We believe that our innovation and heritage position us perfectly to play a significant role in providing a solution to reduce their impact on the environment – so we’ve developed COLOURFORM™ packaging.


COLOURFORM has been created as a demonstration of our commitment to the environment and is a completely sustainable alternative

James Cropper can offer exact colour-matching

to plastic and other packaging materials. It’s made from 100% renewable, natural wood fibres from well-managed forests and high-quality recycled material from our own innovative recycling plant. What’s more, it’s easily recycled with household paper and, even if it does end up in landfill, it is naturally biodegradable, leaving no trace whatsoever.

Each packaging solution is designed specifically to meet customer requirements, meaning that choosing the sustainable option will never result in a compromise on quality.

Packaging can be manufactured to match any colour – an area in which James Cropper PLC has led the industry for 170-years.

Texture is also fine-tuned to create the optimum sensory experience for clients and is available in two finishes. COLOURFORM Touch has a warm, tactile and velvety feel, while COLOURFORM Smooth has a slick finish and sharp edges – both unique in their own way and created with guaranteed consistency to meet a brand’s aesthetic demands.


It is this tailor-made approach which appealed to Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. As part of the company’s commitment to finding

Get tailor-made perfect packaging for your product

ethically sourced packaging that can either be reused, recycled or composted, it collaborated with James Cropper 3D Products to develop

a bespoke piece of packaging for its solid bath oils. The solution is aimed at enhancing the customer shopping experience in the most practical, but environmentally friendly way. The product is made using COLOURFORM, with Lush’s packaging being made from 100% recycled coffee cup fibre from James Cropper’s own world-class recycling plant. The revolutionary retail packaging has already been introduced online and to major UK stores, with a global rollout to follow.

Lush’s one-of-a-kind packaging solution demonstrates the collaborative approach taken by James Cropper 3D Products when working with clients. It ensured that the creation met aesthetic requirements while overcoming potential technical challenges, such as the material’s ability to withstand the moisture of products.


The launch of COLOURFORM™ is the start of James Cropper 3D Products’ mission to work with world class brands and lead the way to a sustainable future through packaging advancement and changing consumer behaviour when it comes to recycling.

COLOURFORM – which can also be applied to box inserts to support, display and protect products internally, as well as creating eye-catching outer packaging – proves that moulded fibre packaging doesn’t need to be prosaic. Our bespoke, design-engineered approach and exact colour matching capabilities mean we can offer brands unrivalled quality, appeal and design, enabling them to enhance their identity while reducing their environmental impact.

We’ve created a pioneering product and now it’s time for brands to join the revolution, be creative and, crucially, to stand-out sustainably.