Gravure Quality Flexo Print With no CO₂ Emissions – A World First

Diana Szpytma November 9, 2018

Gravure quality, high definition, flexographic printing is now being supplied to National Flexible’s printed film customers. This gravure standard printing is being achieved by a revolutionary new screening process which utilises new specially designed anilox rollers that create a microcell pattern across the whole surface of the printing plates. This results in significantly higher ink density which gives added vibrancy to colours and precise definition to the printed image.

Despite the extra ink density, this process actually reduces total ink usage by some 30% when compared to standard flexo and 40% when compared with gravure, thus the new process reduces the costs of both ink and origination when compared to gravure.

The results are visually stunning prints and National Flexible have called this process ‘Enigma’

Enigma print CO₂ FREE

Enigma print is now available completely solvent free with no harmful emissions generated during the Enigma print process! This is achieved by the utilisation of hydroelectric power to drive the printing press and water based inks to eliminate solvent from the printing process. This combination is a WORLD FIRST and will be of great interest to those companies who have environmental policies and are committed to reducing any adverse impact on the environment of their manufacturing and retailing activities.

National Flexible have calculated that if all the printed film they supply utilises the ‘Enigma’ print process the resultant reduction in CO₂ emissions would be over 120,000 kgs.

This new process helps our customers who are making their contribution to reducing global warming by reducing CO₂ emissions using the Enigma print process.

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