Heinz-Glas Has Blowing In The Blood

Stuart Pritchard September 26, 2018

With a glass-blowing tradition dating back hundreds of years, VIRGINIA ELLIOTT, Chief Sales Officer at Heinz-Glas, looks at the company’s past, present and future…

With glassmaking in the family as far back as 1523, today, the Heinz-Glas Group is one of the leading manufacturers of glass flacons and caps for the perfume and cosmetics industry. This portfolio is also further enhanced by our extensive range of plastic caps, closures and accessorises from Heinz-Glas. Entrepreneurial vision and well-targeted investments have contributed to our success on the international packaging market.

Within a network comprising German locations as well as other sites worldwide, we develop, produce and refine ‘Complete Packaging’ solutions, which are then distributed worldwide via company-owned subsidiaries or agencies – all from a single source.

Heinz-Glas produces attractive, individually designed flacons and jars

Whether crystal-white, white-opaline or coloured glass… luxurious flacons featuring exceptional designs in a fully automatic production process – Heinz-Glas is your partner!

The core competencies of the Heinz-Glas Group centre particularly on the in-house development division and mold construction unit as well as state-of- the-art production and refining technology. Thanks to its innovative strength, consistent focus on quality and last but not least, its prudent international investment policies, the family holds a good position locally and globally for the future. Heinz-Glas has already established itself as a global player, supplying the finest in exclusive products, appreciated by customers from all over the world. Heinz-Glas flacons stand out in technical terms as well as for visual appeal. Paving the way for a wide range of finishing options, such as frosting, multi-coloured spraying, screen printing, metallisation, pad printing, lasering and also laser engraving, which enhance the individuality of each flacon.


An example of the highest glass making art: the Luxe flacon

An example of the highest glass making art is the Luxe flacon. In combination with different capping options, it perfectly represents our work of producing glass and the actual craft of glassmaking – glass in its purest aesthetics. The distinguishing mark is reflected in the bottom area. From one opposite to the other, smooth curves and hard edges, lightness and heaviness, extreme glass distribution, but also elegance and luxury.

Heinz-Glas produces attractive, individually designed flacons and jars made of crystal-white transparent glass, white opal glass and feeder-coloured glass. We provide customers with additional benefits because we can offer greater flexibility in manufacturing small or large quantities within a shorter lead-time thanks to the flex technology we have developed.

Heinz-Glas is a master of the blow process, pressure-blown glass and the pure pressure process on completely automatic IS glass working machines with single-gob to triple-gob.


Heinz-Glas flacons stand out in technical terms as well as for visual appeal

Thanks to multifaceted decoration techniques (mostly in-house) such as matting and sandblasting (both also partially), single and multiple colour spraying (also on surface parts), metallisation, lasering, pad printing and silkscreen printing, embossing and gluing, we can offer each product the perfect finish. And our latest innovation for Heinz-Glas is laser engraving.

You can get an idea of the wide variety of refining options in our presentation using the example of a selected product from our Glasmeisterwerke (our standard bottle portfolio).

We also provide a complete packaging service, so our caps can be also combined individually with our Glasmeisterwerke collection.


The Heinz family’s glassmaking tradition goes back to the early 16th Century, while the Heinz-Glas company dates back some 400-years to 1622. Today Heinz-Glas is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and finishers of glass flacons and caps for the perfume and cosmetics industry. The key to our success? Our roots are here and we are strongly grounded. This knowledge of where we come from shows us where we are going. And it works – thanks to the tireless commitment of 15 generations of the Heinz family and their loyal employees.