HLP’s PET Project

Stuart Pritchard January 2, 2019

C. M. YEUNG, MD of HLP LIK, looks at how the company has responded responsiibly to the plastic debate…

The plastic debates this year have pushed the packaging industry to take a more in-depth look into sustainability and to responsibly rethink its approach to packaging design. Since David Attenborough made everybody aware of the amount of plastic waste in our oceans and the damage it is causing, both companies and the public have taken positive steps towards rethinking the use of packaging to avoid waste and improve recycling.

HLP Klearfold has listened to all that has been discussed and has taken this into consideration. HLP Klearfold has spent time and effort to research different ways products can be packaged. Not only to give the packaging a secondary use, but to also design packaging to make it easier to recycle. Our talented, highly innovative designers have been working on several new structures designed to achieve secondary use in your clear plastic packaging. Designing packaging that gives it a second use is not only beneficial for the environment but will also bring another aspect to your product to make it more attractive, especially with consumers now wanting to do their bit for the environment.


HLP guarantees to complete all quotations within 24-hours

HLP Klearfold offers recyclable PET plastic packaging, which is globally recognised as a safe, non-toxic, strong and flexible material. PET plastic is easy to recycle with 79% of all local authorities in the UK now offering collection facilities, curbside collection and access to recycling banks and centres (recyclenow.com/recycling-knowledge/how-is-it-recycled/plastics). PET plastics can also be re-used and recycled multiple times into all sorts of items, giving PET an optimised lifespan. HLP Klearfold offers a wide range of PET material; APET, PETG, and RPET.

RPET is PET material which includes recycled plastic in the material mix. At a thickness of 300-mic it can be produced with up to 30% post-consumer waste. RPET still has excellent clarity and has a similar print surface to PET. So not only is RPET 100% recyclable it also includes post-consumer waste, which maximises its sustainability.


PET plastic is easy to recycle with 79% of all local authorities in the UK now offering collection

All materials are compatible to be run through all machines in HLP Klearfold’s factory, this includes our 13-colour press and our many advanced HLP Klearfold’s Soft Crease® machines. Soft Crease® technology is a method that uses radio frequency creasing, giving your packaging a crisp shape with clean lines. Traditional methods of creasing plastic use pressure, this leaves the material fragile with stiff scoring. As HLP Klearfold use RF energy and heat, it uses very little pressure, guaranteeing more durable packaging that provides a superior performance in both hand-fill and automatic higher-speed filling applications. This ensures that your recyclable clear plastic packaging will not only be sustainable but will also look its best when on the shelves.

HLP Klearfold has some great news regarding our BRC certificates. With efforts from everybody within HLP Klearfold, we have successfully upgraded from a Grade B to a Grade A BRC accreditation. HLP Klearfold can, therefore, offer you many more opportunities utilising printed clear packaging that is fully recyclable.


HLP Klearfold can offer many opportunities utilising printed clear packaging that is fully recyclable

Ensuring that your packaging meets the needs and desires of your customers is a key factor in boosting sales. A change to recyclable produced by HLP Klearfold will provide you with this confidence.

HLP Klearfold also guarantees to complete all quotations within 24-hours and full-colour samples within one week of artwork being received; make us your Klear choice when choosing your packaging partner.

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