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Stuart Pritchard June 10, 2015


Understand the importance of protective packaging? Fiona MacDougall, Sales and Marketing Director at Jiffy Packaging, spells it out…

At Jiffy Packaging we are the custodians of an iconic brand. Sitting at the heart of that brand is performance and it’s a brand value we are highly protective of (pardon the pun).

A jiffy for all jobs

A jiffy for all jobs

As is the case in any competitive landscape, market forces dictate that there will be differentiation, with competitors vying for a slice of the action. And whilst competitors are targeting Jiffy’s market with lower-cost, unbranded products, Jiffy is totally committed to retaining our focus on the high-quality, performance products that we are known for.

Although it’s stating the obvious, when buying or specifying protective packaging, end-users are looking for just that – protective packaging. And from our experience the people who are packing goods or shipping them want a product that is reliable, that works first time and offers them a no fuss solution.

With the huge growth in internet and mail order, packers cannot afford to waste time on packaging materials that are inconsistent in quality.

The worst case scenario is that the products don’t perform, and items arrive damaged or are missing at their destination. One can only imagine the cost of the time it takes for the sender to resolve this sort of issue and the impact of returns on their bottom line. And after all that they have an unhappy customer.

All buyers, and in particular the public, are so much more savvy when making purchasing choices; they read reviews, blogs and social media feeds. In doing so they become more discerning and this drives those selling and shipping products to up their game. In this respect the packaging is now viewed as an integral part of the service. Just read eBay reviews and you will know how important the right packaging is!

Two better than one

We are always looking to innovate and develop new protective packaging solutions, and sometimes this involves looking at how existing products such as Jiffy Bubble Film and Jiffy Foam can work together to create, as the saying goes, a product which is greater than the sum of its parts.

Get Earth Aware with Jiffy

Get Earth Aware with Jiffy

I recently visited a cabinet maker who was making bespoke, high-quality furniture. He understood the benefit of using a Jiffy Foam wrap material against his manufactured pieces to act as a non-abrasive and cushioning protective wrap. But he also wanted the bounce and cushion of a bubble film. He was, however, concerned that putting bubble directly against a treated wooden surface could mark the furniture if it wasn’t completely cured. He went on to explain how he wrapped and taped any given piece of furniture in Foam material and then repeated the exercise with a layer of Bubble film. I was delighted to let him know that we had a solution. For years now we have been laminating foam and bubble together as one product. This means that he only has to have one bundle of material on-site and one reel holder, cutting down on packaging tape use and, importantly, reducing his time of packing by half! By laminating the materials together, it also improves the strength of the product and reduces waste.

This is just one small story, but speaks volumes of the importance of innovation and our need to understand the many uses to which our products are being put. It also brings me neatly on to the topic of sustainability – an issue which is also of great importance to the team here.

Earth Aware

Jiffy aims to provide the best protective packaging solutions to the market in a manner that maximises the conservation of resources. We

Saving the planet one pack at a time

Saving the planet one pack at a time

continue to evolve our products to be recoverable and where possible, recyclable. We also recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment and are committed to regularly reviewing our processes to achieve continual improvement. With this in mind we have implemented an Environmental Management System, compliant to the requirements of ISO 14001.

Our Jiffy Padded Bags, made from macerated paper and with an all-paper construction, have always been green. Made from recycled papers they also have a long life-span owing to their quality design and manufacture and are fully recyclable.

Did you know that we have a Jiffy Padded Bag that’s clocked up a million miles between the UK and New Zealand as two pen friends exchanged audio letters over many years?


We now offer a new product: AirKraft bubble lined mailers packed in an Earth Aware® format. The mailers are delivered as banded bundles, so as well as removing the need for a packing carton, (and importantly the disposal thereof), the format allows for increased pallet quantities which improves transport yield and handling costs. For example, if you take our popular size 1 mailer packed in our Earth Aware® format you get 44% more mailers per pallet so that’s 44% more product per truck.

It’s just one example of how we consider our environmental impact – but without sacrificing the quality and performance characteristics or protective packaging product.