Infographic Reveals How To Create Perfect Retail Package

Bonnie Howard June 20, 2017

Retail packaging isn’t just something you need to inform your customers, it should be viewed as a crucial marketing element too. After all, it’s what will catch potential customers’ attention as they browse the shelves for items to put in their shopping basket. With the right design, your product label has the ability to drive up sales, helping your business to grow and giving you the opportunity to build up a strong customer base.

For those that are unsure of how to even start the process of developing a label that’ll market their product, Fast Labels have created a handy infographic. Taking you from the initial research right through to adding those final details, the infographic promises to help you create labels that’ll stand out for all the right reasons.

Research shows that around seven in ten consumers don’t have a product in mind before they reach the aisle. In highly competitive markets, such as food or beauty, it means that your brand needs to stand out instantly on the shelf. Labels that have been designed with both customer and rivals in mind, are well placed to receive a boost from these instinctive buyers, perhaps earning a loyal customer in the process.

Custom label solutions provide a way to combine multiple elements to create the perfect label for any product. But that doesn’t mean that it’s plain sailing. You still need to make sure your label contains all the essential information and appeals to your audience. The easy to follow guide from sets out the exact steps you need to take.

Have a product that you’re launching? Or want to give your current labels an overhaul to maximise interest? These are the 5 critical steps you need to take:


  • Know you customer – Creating customer personas mean you’ll understand how to gain their attention through being aware of the demographic and their values.
  • Check out your rivals – Part of the challenge with retail packaging is standing out among competitors. Research helps you understand exactly how to do that.
  • Choose your material – You might think the design should come before choosing the material but it’ll influence the overall look and concept.
  • Select your information – You need to include information that’s will capture the attention of your customers and meet legal requirements. Arranging your information in a hierarchy lets you assess what should be a priority.
  • Design time – It’s finally time for the design phase to start when you have all the information, from selecting colours to choosing the typography.


If you still want some more information on creating the perfect label for any product, continue reading the infographic below, providing you with all the tips you need.