Item Products Secure New Partnership With Box Latch

Stuart Pritchard January 30, 2019


Item Products has secured an exclusive partnership with US company Box Latch™

Item Products, the UK’s leading designer and producer of components for the packaging industry, has secured an exclusive partnership with US company Box Latch™.  The Box Latch product is a re-usable carton closure that enables corrugated packaging to be re-used using a simple closure system, as opposed to tape or staples.

The Box Latch mission is to create sustainable packaging by making boxes re-usable many times over.  They seek to disrupt the industry norm of only using corrugated boxes once before they are sent for recycling or doomed for landfill – which accounts for 90% of corrugated boxes currently.  Box Latch are helping companies reach their waste reduction targets, improve supply chain sustainability and create leaner manufacturing, all with an innovative, low technology solution.

The closures come in a medium or large size and are made from black recycled plastic. Other colours are available on request.  They also produce corner clips, which helpfully hold the box open, allowing it to be filled quickly and easily.

Item Products’ managing director, Julian Cook, said: “After receiving a customer enquiry for a re-usable box closure, we found Box Latch online.  Having met the Box Latch owners and inventors, and seeing the product in action, we quickly felt that they were a clear match to our brand’s ethos. In line with our own product range, they offer functionality, re-usability and a clear cost saving, which is a crucial consideration in the packaging world.

“We first imported Box Latch in 2018 as the exclusive UK distributor, and since then our relationship has blossomed as we move toward production under-licence in the UK – supplying direct to the European supply chain.”

Item Products are well known for their interlock systems, carrying handles, point of sale components and packaging mobility solutions.  They will be exhibiting on stand D17 at the forthcoming Packaging Innovations exhibition at the NEC on 27-28 February 2019 and will be joined on stand by Jack and Jim Wilson, founding owners of Box Latch™.

At Packaging Innovations, Item Products will be showcasing their revolutionary, transparent, stackable storage trays – Clear-Stack™- that allow the contents to be readily identifiable.  Item are also keen to talk

Item Products has secured an exclusive partnership with US company Box Latch™

about their exclusive UK partnership with finishing specialists, LIASA – a Spanish firm who manufacture cords, ropes and braids.