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Stuart Pritchard August 17, 2016



MD of Roberts Metal Packaging, CHRIS SAUNDERS, explains why metal and Roberts can be your perfect packaging partners…

A proud heritage, but with a modern, innovative outlook, London-based Roberts Metal Packaging certainly does not dwell in the past as it edges towards its 130th birthday next year. Roberts prides itself as the European leader in the design and manufacture of niche metal packaging, supplying toiletries, hair-care, cosmetics, food and household goods markets across the world.

Operating from its modern BRC-certified purpose-built factory premises, significant investment in automation has been a top priority in recent years resulting in a low-cost high-quality product range. State-of-the-art high-speed press-lines have been skilfully dovetailed into a multi-batch manufacturing environment resulting in a unique production capability.


So why metal? Aluminium and tinplate packaging offer unique benefits; both metals look and feel superb, with a radiant sheen and smooth finish that will add a touch of class to any product. When it comes to branding, both metals

Softline aluminium jars from Roberts, available in 10ml to 75ml sizes

Softline aluminium jars from Roberts, available in 10ml to 75ml sizes

offer high degrees of versatility. Aluminium is tactile, highly formable and does not rust, so is ideal for toiletries, hair-care and similar uses, whilst tinplate is stronger and more functional for food, household and industrial uses. Both can be lacquered, colour-coated, embossed or de-bossed, and have outstanding decorative potential through litho-printing.

On the eco side, aluminium and tinplate are permanently available resources, they do not deplete over any timescale, they never lose their molecular properties and therefore can be recycled and re-used indefinitely. In fact, they are the perfect materials for packaging in a circular economy. Metal scrap is not waste it is a resource – please tell your customers!

Your next metal packaging project can be simple or complex, can be low-budget or of added value. Whatever your needs, our friendly team are happy to help develop the perfect solution to make your pack look fantastic.


Skill, experience and understanding are three qualities that have made Roberts the award-winning metal packaging provider we are today.

Roberts caps can be fully customised too

Roberts caps can be fully customised too

Originally known as The Roberts Capsule Stopper Company Limited, and founded in 1887, after gaining a strong reputation as cork traders, Roberts then expanded into the manufacture of cork stoppers, before adding pressed metal decorative tops to their service offering. As the popularity of cork waned and gave way to pre-threaded metal caps in aluminium and tinplate, Roberts was ideally positioned to become market-leaders, and swiftly became the first choice for manufacturers throughout the UK.

To this day, Roberts remains Europe’s premier manufacturer of pre-threaded metal caps and aluminium and tinplate jars and containers. Our clients range from global cosmetics, healthcare and food companies through to independent manufacturers of home and leisure products.

Every one of our clients benefits from our outstanding service and capability, as we offer:

  • A bespoke design service, ensuring we provide the best solution every time.
  • A helpful and friendly team to provide technical and commercial support.
  • A 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility in South-East London, utilising some of the very latest automated machinery and control systems.
  • The ability to process and supply both large or small orders.
  • A network of sales partners across Europe and the U.S.
    As the caps state: metal is a green friend for life

    As the caps state: metal is a green friend for life


We’ve been perfecting the art of containment in London for some time, so if you have a project that needs the premier experts in the field, why not give us a call? Or, if you need some sunshine, why not come to the French Riviera this September and visit us at Luxepack Monaco.

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