More Than Cosmetic

Stuart Pritchard August 11, 2015

Veronique Curullasmall

Marketing Director at CROWN Aerosols & Speciality Packaging Europe, Veronique Curulla, discusses the importance of brand and customer connection…

Globally, toiletries, perfumes and cosmetics is an industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars each year. The cosmetics sector alone was worth some €342bn in 2013, and according to Euromonitor could be set to reach €487bn by 2017. Figures suggest that consumers are leaning towards the more premium end of the market and with choices becoming wider and more varied than ever before, brands must be increasingly creative in order to differentiate and stand out loud and proud on retail shelves. However, it is no longer enough to rely on your brand name alone; it is also necessary to create a connection with your customer – largely conveyed through packaging as a first point of contact.

One such premium brand synonymous with luxury is Jean Paul Gaultier who has been collaborating for years with CROWN Aerosols &

Metal packaging - on a roll

Metal packaging – on a roll

Speciality Packaging in developing the packaging for its perfumes, such as Le Beau Male and ‘Classique’ Intense. The resulting tins hit upon a combination that both conveys the unique qualities of the fragrance and maintains the brand’s uniformity on perfume counter shelves using metal as an iconic vehicle.

The brand logo is embossed on the distinguished cylindrical shaped tin of Le Beau Male perfume, made narrower than other fragrances in the range and finished in icy-blue gloss varnish, beneath which, the name of the scent is designed to look handwritten on misted glass, giving it a crisp and ultimately very stylish finish. The striking packaging for the Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Classique’ Intense range combines a bright gold metal body with a warm, semi-opaque sienna ink to highlight the word Intense, making it appear as if it is written in bright red lipstick, which simultaneously blends in naturally with the metallic gold background.


This approach is significant, as consumer research suggests that a back-to-basics approach is likely to have the desired effect, particularly amongst the so-called Generation Z demographic, which tends to be more wary of larger corporate brands.

Hair today...

Hair today…

Andrew Gibbs, CEO of the dieline, an online dedicated platform for the packaging design industry, refers to this as ‘Visual Authenticity’. “For many of the brands choosing to go for a Visually Authentic style, they do so with the goal of reconnecting themselves to consumers. They achieve this by showcasing the craft, quality and skill in both the product and the packaging design. As this trend has evolved, it has moved beyond small artisan brands and is becoming more mainstream itself. This has led to more pared- back designs that are less ‘busy’ than they once were.”

Tresemmé, a premium haircare products brand, is a good example of how both size and finish can appeal in a crowded marketplace. Its Expert Selection premium hair spray line, available in the US market, was packaged in a sleek-look 52mm diameter can from CROWN Aerosols and Speciality Packaging, in conjunction with a super matte varnish with high-gloss highlights. This combination encourages consumers to first notice the can due to its unique size, and then to actively engage with the product by handling and feeling the print finish.


In terms of packaging materials, there is none more versatile for toiletries, perfumes and cosmetics than metal. When it comes to design,

Class in glass

Class in glass

size, shape and finish the options are near endless in their combinations. The substrate provides a perfect 360 degree space which can be shaped and sized to fit an individual brand’s needs. In addition, metal provides a surface capable of accepting the very latest in decorative innovation, from finishes such as crackle, holographic, or even Soft touch.

An example of where this versatility really ‘shines’ is in the burgeoning dry shampoo market, which continues to stay front and centre as consumers are increasingly time-poor and focused on convenience. Crown worked with market-leader Batiste brand to ensure its products stood out whilst also staying true to its brand identity. Crown identified areas which could be enhanced and introduced a number of techniques to the packaging, including a sparkle base coat and silver caps on the cans for its premium range.


Metal is also capable of satisfying even the staunchest environmentalists, being as it is 100% recyclable. It is capable of being reused continuously without risk of degradation in either performance or quality. With recycling rates higher than ever before due to a firmly established, global recycling infrastructure, less virgin materials are harvested and introduced into the supply chain with every year that passes. Metal is a permanent resource, not just a recycling resource and without the need to be downgraded to less demanding uses after recycling, consumers can be confident when purchasing these containers that they are also making a truly sustainable purchase, which helps preserve resources for the future in terms of packaging, be it a bottle of perfume, or a can of hairspray.