New unisex products from Sam Farmer

cMJZ34a5 January 24, 2013

M&H is delighted to have worked with Sam Farmer on the launch of his brand new range of hair and skincare products.

The product range comprises Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturiser, Face Wash, Body Wash and a Deodorant.  Sam selected M&H’s 50mm diameter 200ml tubes and 35mm diameter 50ml tubes with white Softline caps, plus a 50ml roll-on deodorant bottle with printed overcap.pic 24 Sam Farmer range image

The products were printed in-house by M&H using a new metallic ink which gives a premium image.  The range is targeted to the teenage market and the packaging design incorporates a bold graphic initial capital letter on the front of each pack representing the initial letter of the product.

Sam Farmer said “I spoke to hundreds of 12-18 year olds.  They told me they needed something that looks great and was not too expensive. The pack image had to represent the straightforward message of SAM FARMER”

Tel: 01502 715518