One Stop Shop For Dried Food And Liquids…

Diana Szpytma June 13, 2018

Specialising in the organic and non-organic dried food and liquid market, Complete Co-Packing Services offers a one-stop-shop service that includes automated steam jet sleeving, 3-4 sided seal sachet manufacturer for powders and liquids and linear weighing for cereals, grains and confectionery packing. 

The Clever STJ2 Steam Jet Sleeve Tunnel will shrink sleeves onto bottles, jars and cans. Made in Italy, the machine delivers a superb finish that is perfect for any manufacturer or brand owner looking for high quality branding at an affordable price. The option to sleeve rather than label presents a premium brand look and delivers a superior distinction amongst competitive products. It is particularly well suited to bottles, jars and cans, making it ideal for the food and beverage industry as well as the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and janitorial sectors.

Our Horizontal Sachet Machine has a range of producing 60-130 mm 3-4 sided seal sachets, with integrated digital printing for BBE & Batch Codes. It is ideal for individual convenience packs and on-the-go products.

The filling of cereals, grains and confectionery is made much easier with our Twin Head Linear Weigher. This equipment delivers accurate and consistent measures at a cost effective throughput. With the ability to be coupled to our inventory of packaging machines, we are able to deliver a wide range of pack formats.

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