Perfect Your Packaging With HLP

Stuart Pritchard March 19, 2019

Refresh and redesign your packaging for today’s demanding market with the help of HLP LIK. C. M. YEUNG, MD, explains…

HLP Klearfold has over 50-years of experience in supplying clear packaging that showcases your product. We are well placed to offer you a full rounded service and are committed to helping you to increase your product sales. With HLP Klearfold’s machines and expertise, bespoke packaging can be created for your products. HLP Klearfold offers much more than a standard box and can tailor your packaging to make it a perfect fit for your product.

HLP Klearfold has an experienced sales team who can visit you at your convenience and discuss your initial requirements. We are happy to work with you on a tight brief or to take the brief and come back and present options; HLP Klearfold will do this with your product and present back with CAD samples displaying your product.


HLP Klearfold can offer many opportunities utilising printed clear packaging that is fully recyclable

Over the past 12-months, there has been a big debate around plastic packaging that pushed those in the packaging industry to take a more in-depth look into suitability. HLP Klearfold takes this very seriously and has listened to all that has been discussed. HLP Klearfold has spent time and effort looking into ways to give packaging a secondary use. Designing packaging that gives it a second use is not only beneficial for the environment but will also bring another aspect to your product to make it more attractive, especially with consumers now wanting to do their bit for the environment. HLP Klearfold also advises companies on ways to make the recyclability of the packaging clearer to the consumer.

HLP Klearfold offers recyclable PET packaging along with RPET packaging, which includes recycled plastic within the material. RPET still has excellent clarity and has a similar print surface to PET.


HLP Klearfold offers recyclable PET packaging along with RPET packaging

HLP Klearfold has a wide range of packaging machinery which can optimise the quality of your packaging. Having unmatched product capacity allows HLP Klearfold to produce packaging for the largest multinational product launches in unmatched turn-around times.

HLP Klearfold leading-edge 13 colour press will deliver you excellent print quality as well as giving you a wide range of printing and decorating options. HLP Klearfold can really help make your packaging stand out with the choice of more design and printing effects, including Braille and embossing. Having these options allow you to explore your options in design without any limitations.

Soft Crease® technology is a method that uses radio frequency creasing, ensuring that HLP Klearfold cartons fold precisely and have clean lines, whilst making sure they maintain their crisp shape. Traditional methods of creasing plastic use pressure alone which leaves the material fragile with stiff scoring. HLP’s Soft Crease® technology uses RF energy and heat with very little pressure. This guarantees a more durable pack that provides superior performance in both hand-fill and automatic higher-speed filling applications.

HLP offer all the above and so much more and have streamlined the process for an efficient and rapid response, we quote within 24-hours, CAD sample in three days, production sample in five to seven days as we recognise that’s what our customers demand.


HLP Klearfold has over 50-years of experience in supplying clear packaging

Sample packs are available at any time, please call or drop us an email and visit our website for further information or to arrange a no-obligation visit by one of our experienced UK Sales managers. Please get in touch today!

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