PET Sounds

Stuart Pritchard August 26, 2016




Get sharper looks and reduce the risk of returns with packaging designed to appeal to the eye and protect the product. C. M. YEUNG explains how HLP Klearfold can deliver all you need…

With just four years to go for HLP to celebrate 50-years of producing high-quality packaging, we are proud of our state-of-the-art factory and of the progress we have made in that time. In our constantly evolving market it is now more important than ever that we offer and provide what our customers want.

Make any product look perfect with HLP's help

Make any product look perfect with HLP’s help

The forward-thinking companies of today realise just how important the packaging is for brand image, product protection and quality perception. Gone are the days when packaging was left to the last minute and product was just packaged in a cheap and low-spec box almost as an afterthought. Our customers today demand crisp, sharp packaging which we can provide with our soft crease technology, some customers want high-resolution printed graphics which we can achieve with our 13 colour one pass machinery. The fluorescent inks and foil blocking on offer can provide a limitless spectrum of graphics.

We are looking to add value to our offering by engaging with our customers on a three tiered approach: performance, cost-efficiency and environmental impact. Sometimes, by looking at just one area of concern, we address all three.


For example, recently we were approached by a new client who had been looking on our website and gave us a brief

Practical for any purpose

Practical for any purpose

to improve the aesthetics of their packaging, as the product was loose in a cardboard box with an insert window. They were having a high level of returns from stores due to failing packaging. Our team in the UK re-engineered the packaging into a crisp clear box with a bubble insert moulded to fit the product perfectly, we also produced some options on the graphics. The client was delighted with the results and promptly placed bulk orders. The material used was made from 30% recycled PET and the client was keen to inform the consumers by advertising that on the packaging.

In just three months returns from stores due to collapsing packaging was down by 50%. So, although there was little difference in the packaging, costs savings were achieved from fewer returns. We await the impact on increased sales as a result of the improved packaging.


We have a team based in the UK offering design input and packaging re-engineering, producing CAD samples, if required, within 48-hours. Production samples are normally supplied within five to seven days. We aim to provide high-quality product innovation at competitive prices, so why not call our UK team today and see what we can offer?

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