Promote Products With Perfect Plastic Packaging

Stuart Pritchard July 24, 2019

MD of HLP LIK, C. M. YEUNG, look at what their Klearfold packaging can do for your products…

HLP Klearfold is the largest supplier of clear printed packaging, with production facilities in China and Global Account Managers on hand. You can trust HLP Klearfold to supply you with high-quality packaging. All machines are up-to-date and well maintained to ensure HLP Klearfold produce packaging which excels in quality at affordable prices. Technical Account Managers will work closely with you and your project to carefully map your packaging needs and match them with HLP Klearfold’s capabilities. Through ongoing improvements in equipment, materials, processes, and people, HLP Klearfold strives to provide incomparable customer satisfaction.


The HLP Klearfold service helps you to reinvigorate, elevate, redesign or re-brand packaging

HLP Klearfold’s clear printed packaging is the best choice for your confectionery and snack products. It’s true that people eat with their eyes first, so using packaging that doesn’t show your product will take away that very important connection between your target audience and your product. HLP Klearfold has an expert design team who can make sure your clear packaging stands out from all other confectionery products on the shelf.

The confectionery and snacks industries are extremely competitive, so being unique and making sure you stand out is highly important. When you choose HLP Klearfold as your packaging partner, the sky is the limit as far as design and uniqueness are concerned. It is clever packaging that catches the consumers mind, so concentrating on your clear packaging is a good strategy to look at to improve your products packaging.


HLP guarantees to complete all quotations within 24-hours

The number of customers who now choose products on the recyclability of the packaging increases daily, making it more important for companies to rethink their packaging. HLP Klearfold offers PET packaging which is 100% recyclable. PET plastic packaging is the most commonly used plastic packaging and is recognised as being a non-toxic, safe, flexible material; thus, making it a great choice for companies who want to place their products in recyclable packaging.

HLP Klearfold’s 100% recyclable RPET packaging includes up to 50% post-consumer waste material and is the preferred choice when deciding on a packaging material. HLP Klearfold can reassure companies that the quality of the RPET HLP Klearfold produce is to the highest standards of both clarity and strength. Optimising creasing of the packaging by using HLP Klearfold’s Soft Crease® technology can also be applied to RPET packaging. HLP Klearfold’s Soft Crease ® technology uses Radio Frequency energy and heat with very little pressure. This guarantees more durable packaging that provides superior performance in both hand-fill and automatic high-speed filling applications.

HLP Klearfold works closely with clients to carefully map their packaging needs and match them with our capabilities. Our Technical Account Managers are highly skilled to manage your packaging product from initial brief all the way to final production. Through ongoing improvements in equipment, materials, processes, and people HLP Klearfold strives to provide our customers with unequalled customer satisfaction.


HLP Klearfold has over 50-years of experience in supplying clear packaging

HLP Klearfold has everything under one roof and we are here all year around to help you and your packaging teams. We also provide an excellent after-sales service, many of our valued clients have even been able to further improve their packaging after their first-time experience with us. HLP Klearfold has many certificates including ISO, BRC and award-winning performances.

Please get in touch to find out more about HLP Klearfold and how we can help you increase your sales all year round.

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