To Serve & Protect

Bonnie Howard June 11, 2014


Packaging plays an essential role in ensuring the protection of goods through the supply chain and to the consumer, not only in terms of ensuring that products are not damaged and therefore wasted, but in other important areas such as anti-counterfeiting and tamper evidence. Essentra is an acknowledged leader in security technologies, which are used in over 1.5 trillion products worldwide. As well as tapes and labels, these include proprietary taggant systems with reader technology and security inks in all formats. With an in-house technical laboratory, multi-language, highly experienced sales and support teams, and sites in all geographic regions, Essentra can offer its security solutions on a worldwide basis.

Technology, materials and design can work together to deliver many of these benefits, bringing various elements together to maximise security, and ensure an effective packaging solution that’s tailored to the specific brand and pack, for the benefit of  both brand owners and consumers.

The Fort Knox of packaging…

The Fort Knox of packaging…

As an example, integrating pack functionality such as easy opening or resealability with brand protection technologies ensures that trust in the product is maintained. Tamper evidence is demonstrated effectively to the consumer alongside delivering the functional benefit of maintaining freshness through resealability. Combining security technologies, and adding the functionality of tape or labels, builds a cost-effective, secure packaging solution that meets the anti-counterfeit, anti-tamper or authentication needs of modern brand owners.  Protection and packaging therefore works on many levels.


For example, a new range of authentication labels from Essentra offers a unique and cost-effective way of building product protection into packaging – enhancing consumer trust, reputation and brand loyalty. It comes as counterfeiting is increasingly highlighted as a key consumer concern, with brands which fail to take heed risking a negative impact on brand image and trust, while for consumers using counterfeit products can potentially result in injury or other serious health consequences.

Essentra’s solution uses the company’s specialist in-house designs to create labels featuring secure holograms. Marrying sophisticated print with secure holographic base stock means that customers do not have to produce their own bespoke holography, saving time and money and, equally importantly, because the technology and the resulting label are sourced entirely from within Essentra, the supply chain is completely secure, guaranteeing the authenticity of the labels.

Designed for use across a wide range of markets – including food and drink, luxury and consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and medical devices – the labels combine sophisticated holography with security print to protect brands and revenues.


As well as its standard authentication label offering, Essentra is a member of the International Holographic Manufacturers Association (IHMA), and can also create bespoke hologram designs.

Essentra Prism Tape – when security is paramount.

Essentra Prism Tape – when security is paramount.

The base holograms contain layered security features that are extremely difficult to copy. In addition, special void adhesives and structures, which leave visual evidence when removed and cannot be reapplied, provide valuable protection for products against tampering.

Security is further enhanced through the use of Essentra’s specialist security print, designed in the company’s state-of-the-art studio and using bank note level technology. At the same time, this enables labels or tapes to be personalised in order to create effective brand identity and on-shelf differentiation.

Holograms – both standard and bespoke – are also at the heart of Essentra’s Prism range of tapes, where the use of holography combined with print offers brand protection, which can be instantly recognised by the consumer and is difficult to copy by would-be counterfeiters.

By blending layered security solutions within its design, packaging can play an essential role in ensuring the protection of goods, simply and cost-effectively.