Shear Brilliance

Stuart Pritchard June 14, 2017



A superior, sustainable, insulated packaging solution for fresh produce and pharmaceuticals? MD JOSIE MORRIS introduces us to Woolcool…

The ever-growing popularity and demand of online shopping, particularly in food sector, throws up new challenges when it comes to the

Woolcool helps maintain temperature during distribution, ideal for when above 20C for a period of time

shipment of products, especially perishable goods. Not only is there the challenge of keeping these products fresh and safe in transit, but the

packaging is the first tangible contact a customer will have with the company. For these reasons it is vital that the packaging performs but also has the added element of impressing the customer.

Packaging is often viewed as a wasted cost and a necessary evil rather than a potential marketing platform. In the online world, packaging is a company’s shop front and so it is important that the first impression is the right impression. When ordering online, the consumer expects the product to arrive in the same state as if they were to have picked it off the shelf themselves. Customer retention is vital for online food retailers to survive, a bad experience due to a failure in the packaging can result in a customer voting with their feet, social media means millions could hear about it. Get the right packaging for your product and this is completely avoidable.


There is a constant battle of cost versus quality, clearly any business needs to pay close attention to their costs, ensuring they are not over

Woolcool’s insulated packaging lives up to Fortnum & Mason’s iconic brand and commitment to corporate sustainability

spending unnecessarily. However, there is a balance between cost and quality. If, for example, you opt for a lighter weight in cardboard to

save money, will the box be strong enough to hold your product?

In an ever-changing internet based world, the need for continually improvement and innovation in every company is key, particularly in the packaging sector. At Woolcool we are driven by innovation and design. We have created a packaging range focusing on quality and performance, whilst also offering options tailored to the customer to help keep the costs down but not sacrifice performance.

We have invested heavily in R&D to ensure that we are providing our customers with packaging that will perform every time, meaning first and foremost our customer can rely on Woolcool to deliver their goods within temperature. The fundamental aim of any online delivery company is to deliver their product intact, even more so with food.

In terms of customer experience, aesthetics and the feel of a delivery is extremely important. We have taken time to design our product to optimise performance but reduce waste. We offer bespoke branding and an artwork service to allow our customer to build their brand around the packaging, making that initial customer experience one that they remember for the right reasons.


When buying online, due to the need for the protective packaging, there will always be waste. The issue of waste, particularly with regards to packaging and food is currently at the forefront of the media like never before. The consumer is becoming increasingly concerned, not only

Woolcool has been proven to outperform alternatives and the fleecy liners also cushion fragile ingredients such as fresh fruit

about the look and feel of the delivery but its end of life, where does the waste end up? We take our Social and Environmental Responsibility very seriously. The main element of our packaging, 100% Pure Wool, is biodegradable and compostable, all other elements are easily recycled in household recycling, and our products are also re-usable. We are constantly reviewing our product to seek where we can reduce packaging impact without sacrificing performance.

Woolcool provides a solution that, first and foremost, prevents the wastage of food/products due to temperature excursions. Packaging waste-wise, the components of Woolcool mean that it is also sustainable and a significant reduction in waste to landfill. Since starting up, we have saved thousands of tons of polystyrene packaging from landfill by customers switching to Woolcool. This element of our packaging allows our customers to promote their own environmental credentials to the consumer, through using sustainable packaging, thus creating a positive story around the delivery.


There are various elements to consider when choosing the correct packaging for the shipment of a product. Performance, style, quality, cost and environment are all key. As a company we continually assess each area to ensure that our packaging optimises all of these aspects for our customers. Our objective with every customer is to provide added value through our design team, bespoke solutions and support, providing a product and service that allows them to set themselves apart in a world where there is an ever increasing choice available to consumers.