Start Me Up

Stuart Pritchard July 10, 2017





STEVE MALLET, Sales Director at Curtis, talks to us about the tailor-made, personal service they offer to start-ups such as Living Sea Therapy…

We initially met the Living Sea Therapy® team at the Packaging Innovations Exhibition in London and instantly shared a similar ethos to

Living Sea Therapy has 12 products in its range so far

protect and care for the environment. Living Sea Therapy is a new skin care brand that uses ingredients that derive from the Cornish

waters of the Atlantic Ocean. They create products with restorative powers, from the crystal-clear waters around the Lizard Peninsula, which has a unique geological profile.

Working with their sister companies, Cornish Sea Salt Co. and The Cornish Seaweed Co., they use sustainable hand-harvesting techniques which are based on natural sciences, that refrain from harming the environment. They were looking for a UK-based packaging company with the same environmental credentials. What they liked about Curtis was the friendly service that felt ‘human’ and that didn’t feel ‘foreign or distant’ the stages of production were being explained. Sasha from Curtis, kept in contact with Tracey from Living Sea Therapy to let her know how things were progressing, making it feel more person-to-person, rather than business-to-business.

Here at Curtis packaging we pride ourselves on making our customers feel connected within the production process and provide an excellent customer service. Tracey added that: “Steve and Sasha were prepared and available to talk during the entire journey. Everyone at Curtis was happy and willing to help and provided excellent support in providing a quality product.”


We produced the carton using an FSC-accredited material, which means that for every tree that is harvested, another three are planted.

The carton was produced using an FSC-accredited material, which means that for every tree that is harvested, another three are planted

Curtis selected a coated folding boxboard with superior whiteness for the project. We suggested certain improvements and offered advice on how to improve the carton. Curtis produced examples of the company name on the product being embossed or spot UV’d, to compliment the foil blocking. Once seen by the team they instantly decided to go with the additionals, as it made it look a desirable product to have, and gave maximum shelf appeal.

Living Sea Therapy has 12 products in its range so far, each product has a unique design on the front pack, featuring a segment from a painting that was specially commissioned by local artist Catherine Forshall. Each carton shows off the painting’s magnificent blues and greens that were influenced by the Cornish coast, and the high-quality print makes sure the colours are just as vibrant as the original. Curtis reproduced the imagery to get the very best looking image possible. Time was taken, on the press pass, with Tracey to mix a special Pantone for the logo and some text on the back of the carton, as well as on the inside of the carton.


What Living Sea Therapy found when looking for a supplier is that most companies didn’t have the time and patience to work with a new start-up business. However, Curtis saw the potential that Living Sea Therapy had and were willing to work closely with them to develop the perfect product. We’ve shown that we have an outstanding record in helping and believing in new start-ups. At Curtis, we provide a tailor-made service and are often recommended to new clients.

Living Sea Therapy wants to grow by the end of the year and be recognised as a global brand as their long-term target. They feel Curtis will be the packaging company to help with this growth by creating stand-out cartons that are instantly recognisable with their vibrant blues and greens inspired by the sea.

This was a thoroughly amazing project to be involved in and we are thrilled to have this brand as part of our great customer portfolio.