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Sustainable Packaging Coalition To Host Event in London This Autumn - Retail Packaging

Sustainable Packaging Coalition To Host Event in London This Autumn

Stuart Pritchard July 11, 2019

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition®, a membership-based organisation of over 320 brands, retailers, packaging manufacturers, suppliers and others, will bring together participants from across Europe for SPC Engage: London, an event focused on helping brands achieve their sustainable packaging goals, on October 23-24.

SPC Engage: London’s theme is Activating Packaging Sustainability Through Goals Implementation. This event will help brands, retailers, and their supply chain partners understand how to align their goals with larger global sustainability frameworks and commitments like the Sustainable Development Goals, The EU Circular Economy Package, and The New Plastics Economy.

The salon-style event will include interactive presentations and panels that will provide a balanced overview on key topics and trade-offs in sustainability goals. There will also be workshops that will help brands, their suppliers, and others in the sustainable packaging community to develop actionable strategies to implement their goals while providing them with a platform to learn, share ideas, and collaborate with industry peers.

“SPC Engage London will take a deep dive on all the different elements at play when it comes to executing sustainable packaging goals, from the role that legislation, policy, and voluntary commitments play, how retailers and labelling schemes can influence consumers and supply chain partners to the key decisions companies need to make to fulfil their sourcing and recovery goals,” said Barbara Fowler, Director of Stakeholder Engagement, GreenBlue. “The SPC is looking forward to bringing new perspectives to these very relevant topics at a global level.”


Making Sense of the The Evolving UK and EU Legislation Around Recyclable and Compostable Packaging, EPR and Single-Use Plastics

Speakers from Mars Inc, EUROPEN, DEFRA, INCPEN, Welsh Government

Voluntary Commitments and The Role of Packaging Innovation: What Does Progressive Look Like in the UK and Europe?

Speakers from WRAP, SYSTEMIQ, Coca-Cola European Partners – Great Britain, Veolia UK & Ireland, Plastics Europe, and Carlsberg UK

Pioneering Responsible Sourcing in Packaging Materials

Speakers from Nestlé UK & Ireland, RB, NatureWorks, Asia Pulp & Paper

Designing Packaging Holistically to Fulfil Recovery Goals

Speakers from Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola Great Britain, Method Ecover, Mondelēz UK

The Driving Force of Retailers and Their Role in Implementing Goals, Commitments, and Leading Sustainable Innovation, A Panel Conversation

Speakers from H&M Group, DECATHLON, Co-Op, Rapid Action Packaging, Anthesis

The Role of Labelling Schemes in Goals Execution: What Have We Learned About Behaviour Change?

Speakers from OPRL, How2Recycle, Packaging Recovery Organisation Europe, Fashion Institute of Technology

The event will be held at The Design Museum in London, which will serve as the perfect backdrop to this creative and forward-thinking event.

Registration is open to SPC members & non-members. For more information about this event visit www.spcengage.com/london. For more information about media partnerships email anne.elsea@greenblue.org.