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Stuart Pritchard August 15, 2017




Put your brand in your customers’ hands with flexible, first-class packaging – DAVID RIMMER, MD of Unette, explains…

Our packaging is designed to make your customers’ lives easier. Whether you produce liquids, creams or gels for e-cigs, energy products,

Waste not want not! This cleaning product is dispensed in handy tubes to top up a trigger gun container

cleaning products or cosmetics, our designs lead the pack when it comes to accurate, cost-effective and convenient dispensing.

Whether you want a tear-off top that will contain 0.5ml to 100ml; a Dosette designed for controlled dispense applications, a screw cap tube or a three-sided sachet, talk to us. We’ve been around for 50-years and remain at the forefront of flexible packaging innovation. So, when your brand brings out something new, we’re here to help you contain it, shape it, squirt it, spray it, squeeze it, display it and dispense it in the most manageable way your customers need.

After half a century of designing and making flexible packaging for some of the world’s best loved brands, we thought we’d thought of everything. Now and again, a new innovation will excite our design engineers into developing a solution to make consumers’ lives easier.


This unique tube was originally developed as a single-use refill to answer the growing demands of the burgeoning Vape market. Made to

When your customers are out on the town, they can leave the bottle at home! With these handy tubes there’s no need to carry around large bottles of E-Liquid

contain 2ml of liquid, it features an innovative, extended nozzle with a tamper-proof tear off tab, perfect for refilling e-cigarette tanks.

The Dosette was born out of feedback from e-liquid manufacturers looking for a more cost-effective sampling method. The Dosette has effectively replaced expensive bottles and offers much greater reach for the brand holders’ investment.

From an e-cig customer’s point of view, this type of packaging is portable and less cumbersome than if the refill were contained in a standard bottle. It fits neatly into a pocket or purse and carries the added bonus of encouraging people to try new flavours, or ones that they may shy away from if they had to buy in bulk.

After its first outing at Vaper Expo 2016, the packaging concept proved so ground-breaking that it’s currently being developed for use in applications for the health, nutraceutical and medical device sectors.


Unette’s Managing Director, David Rimmer commented: “We no longer think of ourselves as just contract packers. We are packaging

COMING SOON! Designed to match Tigg’s brand styling, Unette’s single-use tube encourages customer trial. The design caters for foodservice and lunchbox applications as well

innovators that help brand holders target new customers and occasions with our high-quality, consumer-friendly packaging that is perfect for sampling or ‘on the go’. Our in-house engineers design and build our machines which means we can amend and adjust machinery to create bespoke designs and we’re not restricted by industry standard machinery.”

Whether you are a global brand holder or an entrepreneur, we will guide you through the exciting packaging process to deliver the bespoke solutions your product needs. Our service extends to sourcing product and other packaging, and even to distribution. We can also organise point-of-sale and other merchandising required for retail.

So, if you’re looking for a bespoke packaging format that’s only available from Unette, in sizes and shapes that will reflect your brand identity, talk to the leaders of the pack. You’ll benefit from full customisation you won’t find anywhere else.

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