Unette’s On-Going Innovation

Stuart Pritchard February 15, 2019

Year on year, Unette announce a new product within their premium sachet portfolio, and this year is no different. DAVID RIMMER, Managing Director, reveals all…

The latest innovation from Unette provides a child-resistant solution, whereby the tip of the tube requires cutting rather than a simple tear. The design also offers a consumer-friendly, convenient on-the-go pack which is lightweight and secure. This new concept has caught the eye of a number of different sectors, in particular beauty and nutraceutical products.

Many widely used products are currently supplied in large bottles or tubs with a plastic spoon or syringe for dispensing, which are rather weighty and awkward to carry around. These new single dose/single application tubes provide the perfect solution for keeping the product in and inquisitive little fingers out! Constantly looking to respond to consumer needs, Unette are proud to add this latest child-resistant innovation (certified to BS ISO 14375: 2018 and US 16 CFR 1700.20) to their existing range.


A child-resistant solution, the tip of the tube requires cutting rather than a simple tear

Unette understand the value and importance of eye-catching design and endless innovation. They’ve been developing unique packaging solutions for over 50 years and offer an exclusive range of high-quality formats for containing and dispensing liquids, creams and gels. Home of the unique tear top tube, more recent product innovations have included the Dosette for small doses of 2-5ml offering controlled dispense and the Visi-light, designed for those wanting their product visible in the tubes.

The tear top tube, being so lightweight, also provides the perfect solution for online retail. The swing to online retailing is making brand holders completely re-think how they package their products. Package weight, cost of delivery and convenience are of increasing importance in driving competitive advantage in online retailing. An outer carton has also been developed which fits through a letterbox, providing a winning combination for guaranteed consumer delivery.


Unette understand the value and importance of eye-catching design and endless innovation

Our key focus as a business is to ensure constant innovation across our product range, always responding to consumer needs. We are unique in that we build our own machines, which allows us to push the boundaries of creativity and packaging engineering.

Whether you are a car manufacturer or a coffee syrup company, Unette will work with you to develop the exciting packaging your product requires, including large volume sampling. The company’s service extends to sourcing product and other packaging, and even to distribution. They can also organise point-of-sale and other merchandising required for retail. So, if you’re looking for a bespoke packaging format that’s only available from Unette, in sizes and shapes that will reflect your brand identity, talk to the leaders of the pack – you’ll benefit from a full customisation service that is not available anywhere else.