Wigston Papers Senses Success

Stuart Pritchard August 13, 2018

ROB WALKER, Managing Director at Wigston Paper walks us through the latest innovations and ideas available from the forward-thinking firm…

Pushing the boundaries has been a part of Wigston Paper’s heritage since the company was formed in 1932. As an independent supplier with no ties to any individual paper mill or merchant groups, we have the complete freedom to innovate in areas where we can inspire new products and applications in a dynamic and progressive industry.

We continually seek to add variety to and complement the current market availability of design-led paper and board substrates, which is why we are committed to a new product launch every quarter – something we believe is unique in the industry.

Our most recent product launch reflects our mix of proven reliability and innovation perfectly: the new Senses® range was developed using trend reports and in-depth research over 12 months, bolstered by our four generations of industry experience.

Get cerative with Wigston Paper

The range is 100% trend-driven and we believe it answers the demands of the creative industry for a new modern and inspirational range of creative paper and board for the 21st Century. The world of packaging, printing and design is changing rapidly and Senses® is a premium range of 35 modern shades of coloured paper and board designed specifically with creatives and designers in mind.

We believe that this premium range will fast become a fundamental factor in the creative agency’s design development process as well as offering them a reliable and comprehensive range for their customers that is bang on trend.


In addition to the time invested in developing the range itself, we’ve made sure that our swatch books have received the same care and attention that our customers invest in their products, and that they reflect the values that we’ve built into this premium brand – offering a first-hand experience of the amazing results these media can deliver.

Paper and board manufacturers will also do well to recognise the emerging capabilities of digital print technologies in producing short run high-quality and often personalised packaging that the market is now demanding, which is why our Senses® range is compatible with both digital and analogue technologies.

The growing trend in influencer marketing means that the ‘opening experience’ is being documented digitally, live with vloggers and on social media channels and so great packaging and presentation has never been more important.


Earlier this year we rebranded Wigston Paper, inspired by our vision for growth, new business strategy and expanded product portfolio. But while we’re looking forward with excitement for the future, we’re not turning our backs on our core values of trust, integrity and commitment to customer service.

As a company we’ve seen the paper industry evolve over the years, and we’ve always worked to remain at the cutting-edge, predicting and responding to customer needs. In fact, the new Senses range is just the first new addition to our reinvigorated portfolio. We’re developing our range even further and restructuring our business model to ensure that we’re well set for the years to come. By mining the rich seam of our heritage, putting our clients first and building on our customer care, we hope to offer an even better service with teams that continue to be reliable and willing to go the extra mile, and with products that impress and add value.


Wigston’s new Senses range was developed using trend reports

Centrally located in Leicestershire, our large purpose-built freehold facility enables the company to purchase and stock large consignments and to handle customer requirements efficiently and effectively. All our stock is now held and dispatched from this single and highly efficient Midlands location with the majority of the UK’s commercial populace being within a realistic two to three hours travelling time.

Sustainability in our industry is about much more than just happy customers and profitability with just a nod to recycling – it’s about how we treat the world around us. The environment is always uppermost in our minds and we take our corporate accountability very seriously. All our stock is fully Mill Guaranteed for quality and consistency, and we obtain certification and source within the FSC® chain of custody, actively extending our recycled paper ranges.


As a family run firm, we firmly believe in building a sustainable business for the future that will continue on for generations to come – not just for our family, but also those employed in our workforce, those who work for our suppliers and within the local community, and of course, crucial to our success is supporting our customers in their future success too.